About me

Onkar Singh

When I turned 15 years old, my brother bought me my first gym card. I used to workout with him and his friend but I hated it because it was so boring and I always thought “I could play football instead of this”. That year I did not get any gains because I actually stopped training after a few weeks. Eventually, I picked up the interest when I saw a friend of mine getting proper biceps. So I decided, at the age of 17, to start training with him and after that I got stuck.  

After a couple of years, I started college outside of Stockholm and studied 3D design and I quickly realized that this isn’t what I want to do, I longed to hit the gym every in every class and could think of anything else. After one year, I dropped off that course, came back home and fixed my PT certificate. Just a few months later I got my first job as a PT at the gym that I used to workout at, and it felt great to be doing something that I love and I knew I made the right choice!

After working as a PT for two years, I wanted to develop more knowledge about the body, physiology and human anatomy. What are muscles? How are the built and why? So, I decided to start a 2 year education at Bosön (Sports College). Honestly, I learned a lot and that has made me an even better PT! After my graduation, I got a job at one of Stockholm’s best/most famous Crossfit box and gym, Crossfit Atum. Here, you will find beginners and athlete in the elite level and this is the place I work as an personal trainer and instructor for crossfit and olympic weightlifting!

The goal with my training has changed a lot during my fitness jorney. It all started with getting big biceps and a six pack. Today, my goal is to be an all around athlete, therefore my workouts contains a lot of weightlifting, crossfit, gymnastics and of course bodybuilding (my first love)!


Team Chakde


Chakde is a mostly a linguistic expression used by many Punjabis around the world, a phrase used to encourage someone to go for it. Whenever I post new posts on Instagram or Youtube, I always get comments as “chakde Singh” or “chakde phatte!” and even I use the word CHAKDE all the time to trigger my self and others.

Team chakde

My Instagram journey started as a training dairy to see how I developed physically and for an overview on my road to fitness. Over time, I got more and more followers and the purpose of my Instagram account changed quickly from a training dairy to a page with inspiration and motivation. For me, the best thing about Instagram has made me develop more due to my followers who are keeping me motivated to succeed and make all of them succeed in their fitness journey. I receive a lot of DM from people all around the world where they write how they are motivated by my posts and I felt connected with the people who wrote to me. Team chakde is a result of team spirit between my followers and I, we motivate each other and make sure we are successful! Join us on our movement!