The Chakde workout / Discord community

You’ll have access to a new and unique workout 5 days a week.
The Chakde Workout is my exact workout posted in full with sets, reps, and tempos.
These routines can be customized and maximised based on your goals and needs for only 10 EURO a month or 100 EURO a year.

The chakde workout

  • 5-6 new workouts/week
  • 1-2 full rest day
  • Videos of me showing the exercises
  • Questions and answers every day
  • Access to Chakde discord community 

Online coaching

You’ll get a personal training plan with focus on you goals and body. Also, a meal plan and you’ll learn when to eat what and why!

With online coaching, it’s important for me to make you understand why we are doing the things I have planed for you. That is why I offer 2 months of online coaching where you can contact me any day between 08:00-20:00 (GMT +1), and we will have a booked appointment where we talk about the week and plan the upcoming week!

2 months online coaching

  • Personal training plan
  • Meal plan
  • Appointment every week