Warm up 10-15 min with running/jogging/skipping

3 rounds 10 reps of:
Peterson step up + Air Squats + Lunges

Back Squats
Built up to a heavy 3 RM (rep max) of the day, don’t rush, take the time you need and rest 2-3 min between sets.
Start from 12 reps with a empty barbell and then increase the weight and decrease the reps

Explosive Sumo deadlift
1-2 warm up sets then 4 sets 8 reps, tempo: lift the barbell as fast as you can!

Bulgarian split squats
4 sets 10 reps, tempo 2-0-1-0

Narrow Stance Rumanian  DB Deadlift super set Leg Extensions
4 sets 12 reps,  RDL tempo 2-0-2-0 Leg curl tempo 1-1-2-0



Warm up sets: This is the time you find the right weight for your working set.

Tempo example: Bulgarian split squats
tempo 2-0-1-0, starting with one leg on the bench, 2 second down (eccentric), 0 sec pause , 1 second up (concentric) and 0 sec paus at the top
If tempo is not writen then the tempo is up to you.

Superset: When you do 2 exercises directly after eachother without any rest between them.

Comment below if you have any questions!


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