Legs │Abs

Warm up 10-15 min

3 rounds 10 reps
Air squats , Reverse lunges, Cossack squats

Tempo squats
2 warm up set then 4 sets 8 reps and increase weight each set, tempo 3-0-1-1
(I went: set 1, 110kg, set 2, 120kg, set 3, 130kg, set 4, 140kg)

Narrow stance leg press (focus on quads)
4 sets 12 reps, focus on pushing with your upper part of the foot.

Narrow stance DB goblet squats
4 sets 12 reps tempo, 3-0-1-0

Options (pick one)
1. Sled drag (heavy)
20 meters 4 sets

2. Barbell lunges (don’t have a video yet)
20 meters 4 sets ( 24 reps)


5 sets 10-12 reps tempo, slow

Options (pic one)
1. Toe to bar
2. Hanging leg raise
3. Hanging knee raise
5 sets 10-12 reps


Warm up sets: This is the time you find the right weight for your working set.

Tempo example: Tempo Squats
tempo 3-0-1-1, start standing with the bar on yout traps, 3 second down (eccentric), 0 sec pause at the bottom , 1 second up (concentric) and 1 sec paus at the top/start
If tempo is not writen then the tempo is up to you.

Superset: When you do 2 exercises directly after each other without any rest between them.

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